Jenny’s Way

“Jenny’s Way made me
feel as if I were in a time
and place that truly
existed–and among
persons whose happiness
or sorrow I’d care about.”
– Ron F.

“Diana Perkins paints the
scenes and normal
goings-on in such
beautiful detail that time
traveling seems quite
possible, and one can
almost smell the air.”

– Maria Beltran
for Readers Favorite

Jenny’s Way, based on a local legend is a fictional tale set in Baltic Connecticut.
The story spans four decades from the 1930s to the 1960s. It follows the entwined lives of three families each with their own destiny that weave together their dark and light threads throughout the years. These families create a tapestry of local color: a good, hardworking farm family, a family with difficulties and an extended family of women who are supported by the kindnesses of the mill boys they service.  It is about the good and the evil that drives these families to the extremes of both.

“This was surely going to be the end of my life – at least that’s what I wanted, I wanted God to strike me down right there, I didn’t want to face my family, Sister Margaret, Sister Miriam, the kids at school, the whole world would know soon.  I would be better off if God just struck me down right there in Father  O’Reilly’s office.  It would be a just punishment – everyone would feel vindicated and I wouldn’t have to experience the pain and humiliation. I waited, nothing happened – God wasn’t listening to the silent prayers of an obvious sinner.  Father O’Reilly went around to the back of the desk and called my parents.”  

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