Diana’s Pool

“Just finished reading
Diana’s Pool.  OMG it was
so intriguing I could not
put it down.”

– Betty B

Diana’s Pool is a fictional story created to bring to life the legend of the lovely pool on the Natchaug River in Chaplin, Connecticut.  It is a mystery.

“The church is crowded and smells of wet wool and mothballs. The tall windows are letting in a chilly, dull grey light. Everyone is somber, but the low hum of neighbors murmuring gossip fills the silence as we wait for the pastor and casket to come in. I am sitting towards the back of the church with my family. Fannie arrives and motions for me to move closer to the front. My mother nods in assent.  
A loud bang echoing through the church signals that the doors have closed, and everyone looks to the back of the church to see who has arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Turner have just come in with their son Jeffrey following. Mrs. Turner, wearing her hat so low her eyes are nearly obscured, leans into her husband, who pulls her close with his good arm. She has a handkerchief over her mouth that she raises to her
eyes as Mr. Turner guides his tear-blinded wife down the aisle. Once the Turners are settled in the front pew, the door bangs again and six mill-worker friends of Mr. Turner bear the casket solemnly down the center aisle, followed by the pastor. “

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