As some of you know, I primarily write in the winter.   This latest novel has been set in New London and Franklin.  Some of the setting is at the Ledge Light Lighthouse at the edge of the Long Island Sound where waters of the Shetucket after joining the Quinebaug and Yantic to become the Thames in Norwich, empty into the Long Island Sound.  The protagonist, a Franklin farm girl finds herself running away to try to become a lighthouse keeper.  What sends her on this wild journey?

This has been written and is still in the hands of readers, then round of corrections and off to editor and then… hopefully a publishing date in early fall of 2020.

2 thoughts on “Next?

  1. Hi Diana. I really enjoyed your books. Life at the Bidwell especially. I grew up in Coventry My parents had a snack bar on Coventry lake The Milk Bar on the other side of the flea market building I related to a lot in the story. There were five children in my family 4 girls and one boy and we had to work hard at the business There were 6 cabins in the back and 6 trailers. People that worked on the pipeline stayed there. Then we moved to 984 Main St an historical Italiente style home. I just finished Last on a Match. I work with Dawn Bakke at the Card Home. Hope to meet you sometime. Mary Ann Stygar

  2. Hi Mary Ann, I remember the flea market but not the snack bar. Wish I’d seen it, is it still there? Coventry is such a sweet town. Thank you for the note. Hope to meet you soon. Diana

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