I’m in and Got a Win!



Every year there are book awards for independently published books.  Occasionally I enter these contests.  Because they are pretty expensive to enter, I don’t enter every book I write and publish.  Well, this year I’m excited to say that I’m entering my latest, Last on a Match in three different contests:  Forward Indie Book AwardsNext Generation Indie Book Awards and Reader Views Awards.  Even though this novel was published in 2018, the contests don’t give us finalist and winners until mid 2019.

Each book is read by an experienced reader and given a grade and that is compared to other books in the genre that it was entered into.  They are graded on not just content, but quality of editing and covers.

I am hoping that this novel will fare well in one or more of the awards, maybe be a finalist, maybe an honorable mention, or… first place in its genre.

The groups that run the contests publish winners on their websites and you can get stickers to go onto the cover.  Bragging rights are important and winners also get to attend the award ceremonies.

The finalists for most of these will be contacted in March or April of 2019.  Win, lose or place, I’ll keep you up to date.


WooHoo!  First Place In 2018-2019 Reader Views Literary Awards – LGBT Category.

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