Summer Ice


Fourth in the Shetucket River Milltown Series, Summer Ice is set in the bustling village of South Coventry in the late 1800s.  It is the story of Millicent Submit White who as part of the White family helped run the 33 room Bidwell Inn and Boarding House. Imagine the labor involved with keeping an inn before electricity or running water.  The Whites were a family of five daughters and a son: Freda, Fern, Fairy, Millie, Felicity and Foster.  We meet Millie, the main character as a young child and follow her and the other White children into adulthood.  The running of the inn is the backdrop that is overlaid with the dramas and adventures of the adolescent Whites.  All the while the elder Whites’ pursue the task of marrying off five daughters.  Of course not everything goes as planned and some things go wildly awry.

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