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For Book Groups and Libraries
and Historic Organizations

I offer several choices:

Novel Slide Show and Reading:
Choose which novel and I will present a slide show and talk about the town
where the novel is set and a reading from that novel.  This may include
booklet handouts that follow the slide show.  
These usually last about twenty minutes to a half hour.

A Talk About Industrialization in the Northeast:
Since my stories are part of the Shetucket River Milltown Series, much of
this talk is focused on milltowns along the Shetucket and its tributaries.  
I talk about early mills, mill environments, milltowns and mill workers from
the 1700s through to early 1900s, centering in the 1800s.  The length of
this talk is about forty-five minutes to an hour with slides and handouts.

A Talk About Mill Workers and Mill Girls:
At the dawn of our industrialization a new need for unskilled and skilled
workers drew families from the work farms and then young women from
rural farms.  I will discuss how this trend developed, how the workers
lived and worked and the new independence this allowed them.
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