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For Book Groups and Libraries
and Historic Organizations

The author offers several choices:

Novel Reading and Slide Show:
Choose a novel and a slide show and talk will be presented about the town
where the novel is set.  This will include a reading from that novel
and booklet handout to follow the slide show.  These usually last about
twenty minutes to a half hour.  Or choose the Shetucket River Milltown
Series overview-including which towns and villages are features in the series.

A Talk About Industrialization in the Northeast:
Since these stories are part of the Shetucket River Milltown Series, much of
this talk is focused on milltowns along the Shetucket and its tributaries.  This
is a presentation with slides and handouts about early mills, mill
environments, milltowns and mill workers from the 1700s through to early
1900s, centering in the 1800s.  The length of this talk is about forty-five
minutes to an hour.

A Talk About Mill Workers and Mill Girls:
At the dawn of our industrialization a new need for unskilled and skilled
workers drew families from the work farms and then young women from
rural farms.  A presentation with slides and handouts will focus on how this
trend developed, how the workers lived and worked and the new
independence it allowed them.
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