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Review by Linda Wallace - July 7, 2018
Having read two of Ms Perkins other books, I would say this is the best one so far. I became
interested in Millie and her life. I can't see that there was a lot of historical detail, but did find the
huge amount of work needed to run an inn in the 1880's eye opening.

Reviewed By Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite - November 2015
Summer Ice by Diana K. Perkins is the story of Millicent Submit White. Growing up at the Bidwell
House in the 1890s was not easy. The whole family had to work really hard to keep the guests in
the inn well cared for. The property itself was large and required a lot of maintenance. For
Millicent, this all seemed very normal, even if she did get a lot of extra work placed on her
shoulders. Half of her siblings worked well with her and the other half were mean spirited and
just out for themselves. When Millicent was a teen she discovered a huge secret about herself and
her true purpose in her family. This secret had a huge effect on how her siblings related to her. It
created some very complicated situations.

After a ball for Millicent’s sister, it seems like the family just falls apart overnight. Discovering
that her father could no longer make mortgage payments, the Bidwell House is taken over by
another family. Millicent’s parents decide to leave her behind to work at the inn to help the new
family adjust. They were also trying to punish her for something that she had no control over.
This decision really caused Millicent’s life to take a turn for the worse. Treated like a slave, the
conniving family tried to work her to the bone. As time passes, Millicent is able to reunite with
her family and learn just how badly she has been takenadvantage.

Now is Millicent’s time to shine. Taking over the inn and getting engaged are very high up on her
list, but she is never fully able to escape from her past and the person who truly holds the key to
her heart. Millicent has to figure out which direction holds her future. Does she want to follow
her heart and go through some challenging times or just settle for a stable mediocre life?

I really enjoyed the writings of Diana Perkins. She made me feel like I was living in the 1890s and
having to deal with the attitudes of that time. Offering pictures and diagrams of the town and the
Bidwell House really made the story seem more real.

Overall, I highly recommend
Summer Ice by Diana K. Perkins. Historical fiction buffs will enjoy
taking the trip to Coventry, Connecticut.