My latest novel, sixth in the series is a sequel to Summer Ice
    and is set in Taftville and Norwich.  The title is "Last on a
    Match".  Now out in print, a plan for the launch and signing
    is in the works.
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Norwich State Hospital
Norwich Hospital for the Insane
Ponemah Mills, Taftville
Ponemah Mills, Taftville
    Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger!
         It was my mantra, it was my prayer as I stomped up the steps in line with
the others, all of us draped in the same dull green shapeless dresses, easy to get
on, easy to get off, easy to wash and never ironed.  Some lucky weeks I’d get
an old one, worn soft by many washings.  It was all we wore except for a rough
undergarment that sometimes held diapers for those who might soil the chairs or
beds where they spent most of their time, strapped down so as not to be a
       How had I come to this?  I thought about it as I looked out across the
lawn, trying to catch a glimpse of the Thames River.  In a fit of remorse I saw
in my mind the mill stream that flowed past my childhood home, its working
waters eventually emptying into the Thames below.  What shambles did I leave
in my wake?" Soft Cover & Kindle

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