My latest novel, is  set in
    Taftville and Norwich, and
    the title is "Last on a Match".
         It is BACK from the editor
    and hopefully will be ready
    for printing in January.
A rough draft of the cover.  
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Norwich State Hospital
Norwich Hospital for the Insane
Ponemah Mills, Taftville
Ponemah Mills, Taftville
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Chapter 2.  Plot is taking shape, story weaving has begun. D. 12/23/2016
Chapter 7 - Shaping up very nicely, I'm very happy with it.  D. 1/5/2017
Chapter 23 - Perhaps a fifth of the way. Felicity is a dickens.  D. 1/18/2017
Chapter 30 - (Page 104) Trouble, nothing but trouble for our protagonist.  D. 1/25/2017
Chapter 63 - (Pg. 204) Almost three quarter done. Oh, what a muddled lives our heroines lead. D. 2/17/2017
Chapter 98 - (Pg. 283) Can you believe it 98 chapter so far?  Longest novel yet.  Close to the end.
I Can't wait for the read.   D. 3/13/2017
Finished - 296 pages!  It finally has a name: Last on a Match.  It is out to readers is will soon be in re-write.  
D. 4/15/2017
Rewrite done - 305 pages!  It's been sent to the editor.  I'll try to have it in print before Christmas, but some
things can't be rushed.  Once the book is in print, this progress page will go away.  D. 11/26/2017

It's Baaack!
The Manuscript is back from the editor.
Good time to be working on the edits;
it's freezing out there.
I'll post once it's sent to the printer.
Thank You for your patience.
January 5, 2018