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By Daniel R. Blanchard on June 1, 2018
Cool Book -
Being from Eastern Connecticut and being a history teacher as well, I really enjoyed Diana
Perkins' 'Diana's Pool: A Mystery". There's something about a local legend that just
doesn't allow you to turn the pages fast enough. Diana Perkins' writing made the story
come alive and I felt like I was standing right there at Diana's Pool. The ending will
surprise you! A great read for anyone who loves nature loves history, and loves small
town local legend.

By Bookworm on December 12, 2017
Five Stars
Ending was very unexpected and exciting to read.

By Carol Jean Springer on January 26, 2014
Like Diana's previous novels:
Singing Her Alive and Jenny's Way, Diana's Pool
transported me back to beautiful northeast Connecticut. Diana writes from her vast
personal knowledge and experience of the people, places, natural and human history of
this area.
The story is set in a village where I used to live. In addition to enjoying the unexpected
outcome, I found my city starved senses remembering the landscapes, plants, sounds and
smells (yup, sometimes it was manure). As I read, it was my hope that these delightful
stories would lead many adults and children from the "nature deficit' of their digital
worlds, to a rich sensory experience through the imaginary lives of people who lived
closer to the natural world.