Singing Her Alive is a love story set in two time periods, presented as a fictional memoir.
The primary story begins in
the late 1800s when fate
throws two young women
together as roommates -
in a shared bed - at a textile
mill boarding house where
they have gone to work,
far from home and family.
Two generations later their
secret story comes to light
when a granddaughter,
narrator of the story, finds
their personal journals
hidden in a closet as she
helps her mother clean out
their family homestead to sell.
The discovery of these family secrets sets the narrator on her own journey towards identity
and place. Love and sacrifice, choices and consequences, are strong themes in this story.
“Occasionally a girl will shriek with wild laughter, knowing that my concentration on,
and immersion in my book will be broken.  These girls, once so kind, have turned
into nasty little agents of morality.  I am beginning to hate some of them, especially the
ones who seem so bent on meanness.  But I maintain my dignified demeanor
throughout, which seems to serve to bring them to new levels of cruelty.”
© copyright 2010-2015 by Diana K. Perkins
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"I have just finished
your incredible book!  
What a wonderful
      - Jan G.

"I could not put it
down. This is the
romantic novel I've been
looking for. A must
 - Terry C.

"I finished reading your
wonderful book at
I enjoyed it very much!"
- Diane G.

"I read your book in
two sittings... I couldn't
put it down."
- Anita P.

"The characters and
their dilemmas really
engaged me - and
stirred up memories
from my past"
- Carol S.
Jenny's Way,
is set in a small
mill town is
based on a
local legend.

It's about the good
and the evil that
drives three families
to the extremes
of both.
Jenny's Way

"This was surely going to be the end of my life – at least that’s what I wanted, I wanted
God to strike me down right there, I didn’t want to face my family, Sister Margaret, Sister
Miriam, the kids at school, the whole world would know soon.  I would be better off if
God just struck me down right there in Father O’Reilly’s office.  It would be a just
punishment – everyone would feel vindicated and I wouldn’t have to experience the pain
and humiliation. I waited, nothing happened – God wasn’t listening to the silent prayers
of an obvious sinner. Father O’Reilly went around to the back of the desk and
called my parents."  
The first novel in the Shetucket River Milltown Series
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Jenny’s Way, based on a local legend is a fictional tale set in Baltic Connecticut. The story
spans four decades from the 1930s to the 1960s. It follows the entwined lives of three
families each with their own destiny that weave together their dark and light threads
throughout the years. These families create a tapestry of local color: a good, hardworking
farm family, a family with difficulties and an extended family of women who are
supported by the kindnesses of the mill boys they service.
Diana's Pool is a
fictional story created
to bring to life the
legend of the lovely
pool on the Natchaug
River in Chaplin,

It is a mystery.
Book availabe from the author after Dec. 6, 2013

"The church is crowded
and smells of wet wool
and mothballs. The tall
windows are letting in a chilly, dull grey light. Everyone is somber, but the low
hum of neighbors murmuring gossip fills the silence as we wait for the pastor
and casket to come in. I am sitting towards the back of the church with my
family. Fannie arrives and motions for me to move closer to the front.
My mother nods in assent.  A loud bang echoing through the church signals
that the doors have closed, and everyone looks to the back of the church to
see who has arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Turner have just come in with their son Jeffrey
following. Mrs. Turner, wearing her hat so low her eyes are nearly obscured,
leans into her husband, who pulls her close with his good arm. She has a
handkerchief over her mouth that she raises to her eyes as Mr. Turner guides
his tear-blinded wife down the aisle. Once the Turners are settled in the front
pew, the door bangs again and six mill-worker friends of Mr. Turner bear
the casket solemnly down the center aisle, followed by the pastor. "   
"Jenny's Way made
me feel as if I were
in a time and place
that truly
existed--and among
persons whose
happiness or sorrow
I'd care about."
- Ron F.

"Diana Perkins
paints the scenes
and normal
goings-on in such
beautiful detail that
time traveling seems
quite possible, and
one can almost
smell the air."

- Maria Beltran
for Readers Favorite
"Just finished
reading Diana's
Pool.  OMG it was
so intriguing I could
not put it down."

- Betty B.
Good News:  
My fourth novel in the
Shetucket River Milltown
series is finished.
The book launch venue is
Coventry Arts and
Antiques on Sept. 12.
Hope you can get to
the launch.
Diana's Pool has
been published and
is available now on
Summer Ice is now
available on Amazon.

The book launch
will be on Sept. 12th.

I'm getting some
very nice
feedback from
my early readers.

"What was it that allowed me the fortitude to not only survive near starvation but
starvation of the spirit?  It could not have been my blood ties as I knew of none,
it could not have been my family which seemed as fickle as a young girls
dreams.  It could only have been an impossible ember that smoldered within,
waiting to set fire when the breath of possibility blew upon it."
"Summer Ice" set in
Coventry, Connecticut
during the 1880s & 90s
is about hotel maid Millicent Submit White's term at the Bidwell House. We follow
her arduous daily routine of keeping the 33 room hotel running and supporting the
often difficult family of which she became a member.  Shocking circumstances
creates a turnover of ownership which impacts the lives of all involved.
Second novel in the Shetucket River Milltown Series
Third novel in the Shetucket River Milltown Series
Fourth novel in the Shetucket River Milltown Series