About the Author
Diana grew up in a small town in Eastern
Connecticut.  The mill town, Willimantic, once
a thriving economic center, was the largest
nearby community. There she remembers the
mills, established in the 1800s and running until
the mid 1980s. She has many ties to the mills
and mill towns in eastern Connecticut, so it
was natural that her novels are set in them.

Diana has spent months researching her topics
from mills, mill workers and their life styles to
small town histories.

"I enjoy writing about Eastern Connecticut, the
places, the legends. When I hear about a tale or
story, it piques my curiosity and sets me on a
journey to discover more and to write about
the environment and the time period.
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Award Winning
local author writes
about controvertial
subjects with
and delicacy.

see what
all the fuss is
I like going through old pictures, postcards and newspaper articles, these sometimes give
me ideas for my novels."

"I hope you enjoy my first novel, SINGING HER ALIVE. The second, JENNY'S WAY and
the third, DIANA'S POOL are also available.
I am working on the fourth in the Shetucket River Milltown series which is set in Coventry.
I hope to have it out late in 2014 or early 2015, I'll keep you posted."
Photograph by Harrison Judd *
* My new cover photograph was taken by Harrison Judd who kindly included many local residents and
visitors in his "Portrait Project". Please visit his website: